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Mount Morungole

Mountain People Uganda

ik People | ik Culture

Visit ik people- Mount Morungole – ranges are 2,750m at the highest peak in Kidepo valley National park.  The Mountain range is located northeast of Apoka. Mountain Morungole is not as tall as Mount Elgon or the Rwenzori Mountains.

The mountain range has a  lush montane forest and different vegetation because it is slightly colder as a result of the high altitude.

The Mountain is the source of Narus and Kidepo rivers that feed the Kidepo valley national park with water.

The mountains high points have relatively cooler temperatures in relation to the Karamoja region because of the higher altitude so the people in this region prefer to live in the high altitude.

The Ik are the main tribe inhabiting the Mountain with a population estimated to be between 10000 to 110000.

The endangered tribe migrated from Ethiopia settling in the  Kidepo Valley National Park.

Visit ik people – The ik were pastoralists and hunter-gatherers by nature but after repeated cattle rustling from other tribes like the Pokot and Turkana of Kenya, the Tuposa of South Sudan and the Karamojong of Uganda the ik resorted to other economic activities like subsistence farming, beekeeping, and goat keeping.

Hiking Mount Morungole is a great adventure and very rewarding to the visitors. The Mountain gives a spectacular scenic view of the surrounding areas

We combine your Kidepo Valley Safari a visit to the most remote living community of the ‘Ik’ on Mount Morungole you will get a chance to learn their beekeeping skills, Goat keeping and their farming techniques on the mountain, Hike the mountain  Bush

Because of neglect, by successive Uganda governments, the ik people like in abject poverty in the Morungole mountains but through their resilience, they have been able to sustain their lives in this harsh environment.

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