Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda Kyambura Gorge Safari

Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda Kyambura Gorge Safari

Chimpanzee trekking in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a remarkable national park in Uganda with amazing Wildlife and Bird-life the park also gives you a chance for chimpanzee tracking/trekking in the Kyambura Gorge. The Gorge gives you a chance to spend a day with habituated Chimpanzees giving you to see many bird species and other primates in the area.

The scenery within this gorge is very breathtaking with lush forest cover and many mammal, birds and insect species like butterflies.

Behavior of Chimpanzees

  • Chimps live in troops, of about 30 – 80 individuals.
  • The Chimps from time to time chew leaves
  • Chimps use twigs or grass stems as tools
  • Chimps are swift climbers
  • Chimps setup  their nests high in trees
  • Chimps breed any time of the year.
 What is the Chimpanzee typical diet like?

The Diet of Chimps
Chimps feed on leaves, seeds, buds, flowers as well as blossoms and smaller monkeys, young antelopes their common food is other primate species like young baboons, blue monkeys, and colobus monkeys.
  Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda Kyambura Gorge Safari

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